Yog Amritam : Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh India

The name 'Yog Amritam' derives from two words Yog and Amritam where Yog means Union of all aspects of our personality as a whole and Amritam means Nectar or Immortality, while together they implicate the meaning “nectar of yoga or immortality through yoga”. As yoga is an enlightening path and propels unification of the body, mind & soul thus it brings a perfect balance in our life in all dimensions; so this balance is like amritam or nectar of life.

Our organization established in the year of 2009 with the aim of helping the society through the development and promotion of wholesome yogic education and practices. It’s a united effort and only possible with the help and support of students, friends and well-wishers. Many students who have practiced and learned in Yog Amritam have been benefitted and are doing best in their career & life.

Indeed Yoga has never been alien to us. It is something which itself a harmonized systematic lifestyle and moreover a humble way to retune with Mother Nature. Yoga plays a vital role in our day today’s life, whether it is recovering from diseases or staying healthy and fit.

Considering all of this our organization, Yog Amritam is determined to help you to enhance the quality of your yogic practices by adapting yogic lifestyle. In Yog Amritam we exert on the series of simple, yet effective yoga postures, breathing techniques, Kriyas (Body cleansing techniques) and the prior & post stages of meditation. So we believe that when one is in harmony within; the journey of life becomes calmer, happier and more fulfilled. In our organization, Yog Amritam (School of Yoga), we are practicing it as a routine unique tradition. Therefore one gets a familiar atmosphere of learning, sharing and teaching with an ideal accommodation.

The building of organization is surrounded by the enticing green belt of the great Himalayan foothills, at a completely soothing and peaceful environment.

About Rishikesh

Rishikesh is well known as a yoga capital as well as an abode of sages across the world. Besides this fact, it is also known for its very soothing atmosphere which attracts religious and spiritual seekers from the world. The old age caves in Himalayan foothills, the holy river Ganges, Temples, Ashrams, Chaurasi Kutiya (Beetles House) and several other places regarding Indian practices are the main attraction. With all of this, adventure sports like river rafting in Rishikesh, mountaineering, bungee jumping, jungle safari and camping in rishikesh etc. are also increasing the charm of the city.


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