Frequently Asked Question About Yoga Courses

Writing materials, warm shawl for morning meditation, alarm clock, Light rain jacket, sun block, hat, torch light, slippers and shoes, comfortable clothes for yoga classes, as well as reusable water bottle. If you missed these items – do not worry..! You can always purchase here in nearby daily need shops at a very relevant price

We will be happy to help You in any matter. Upon registration we will pass you the contact details of our Course Manager. He/She can be contacted any time. Feel free to communicate with them to have answer to all your quarries. "Atithi Devo Bhava"

Yes, there are ATMs near our center but daily withdraw limit is INR10K in India.

Sure we can. Please let us know your flight schedule and we can make the necessary arrangement as long as you inform us in advance. It’s free from us and you don’t have to pay anything to the driver.

In India SIM can’t be activated so fast. Minimum time required is 24 hours after submitting all the documents. You will need to submit copy of your passport and passport size photo. In Rishikesh it will be relatively fast.

No, there is no refrigerator in the room. However kitchen has one, in case you would like to store anything there.

As long as you inform us in advance, we should be able to take care. Please do let us know before booking your course and will let you know. So far we have taken care of special requirements of Vagan, No-Gluten, and No-Nuts etc.

Yes. Daily, you will get some free time between asanas and theory classes. Later parts of the evenings are generally free. Other than that you will also get time off on weekends. we have taken care of special requirements of Vagan, No-Gluten, and No-Nuts etc

Yes, we do have it in our School

Most of the shops accept cash only in INR currency in India. But there are few money changers around to change the currency. In Rishikesh most of the shops accept it.

Yoga Alliance® is an education and support organization for yoga schools and is a non profitable organization. In order to become a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) you must adhere to a very clear set of standards in terms of curriculum, planning, training, and qualification. In the Yoga industry, Yoga Alliance has become the standard certification backing for any yoga training school, and most studios will expect it from their teachers. Yoga Alliance has more than Five thousand registered schools and more than Fifty Six thousand registered teachers worldwide.

Yog Amritam is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School in Rishikesh, world’s yoga capital.

Yes, Yog Amritam has an excellent reputation internationally and we have trained students from more than 60 countries; but more importantly, your Yoga Alliance USA registration is the international standard for teachers everywhere and they have more than Fifty Six thousand registered teachers worldwide in almost every country.

Yes. The certification you receive from us on completion of the course will allow you to apply for Yoga Alliance USA certification. It is not mandatory to apply for Yoga Alliance certification but it significantly improves chances of getting good jobs in yoga teaching as most fitness institutes and yoga centres demand Yoga Alliance USA certification.

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